In the winter, the sun is warm. The campus is full of youth and enthusiasm. There was a brushstroke dark blue which was particularly conspicuous; it added boundless glamour to the hall of knowledge in the cold winter.


在澳门皇冠线上娱乐外国语学校小学国际课程中心的一楼大厅,陈列着我们PYP Exhibition Round2的作品。让我们按照年级由低到高的顺序一起来欣赏吧!

The works of PYP Exhibition Round2 were displayed in the hall on the first floor of the International Curriculum center of Wuxi Foreign Language School. Let's enjoy it together in the order of grade from low to high.


首先映入眼帘的是一年级的探究成果。他们的主题是“Where we are in space and time”,中心思想是:了解先辈的历史有助于我们理解过去与现在之间的关系。Y1的同学有的用精美的图画向我们展示先辈们的衣食住行,有的用环保材料制作简易的古代建筑和交通工具,还有的同学用小小五彩的手指印彰显自己对这一主题的喜爱和认可。看完这些作品,我们不禁为孩子们的奇思妙想拍手叫好!

The first thing that caught our eyes was the exploration results of grade one. Their theme was “where we are in space and time". The central idea was that understanding the history of our ancestors helped us understand the relationship between the past and the present. Some students used beautiful pictures to show us the clothes, food and shelter of the ancestors, some students made simple ancient buildings and vehicles with environmentally materials, and other students showed their love for this theme with small multicolored fingerprints. After reading these works, we can't help clapping our hands for the children's fantastic ideas!

再看二年级的探究成果,他们的探究主题是:Who we are。中心思想是:对榜样的选择反映了个人和社会的信念和价值观。Y2的同学们真是创意十足!他们通过扮演超级英雄来表达自己对榜样的认同,并拍摄成视频来展示成果。在视频中,孩子们有的扮演蝙蝠侠,神采奕奕;有的扮成小仙女,可爱伶俐;还有的扮成美国队长,正气凛然。同时,他们还手持亲手绘制的图画自信满满地介绍自己喜爱的超级英雄。在探究过程中,Y2的同学们积极参与,灿烂的笑容宛如一朵朵金黄太阳花盛放。

Let’s see the exploration results of Y2. Their theme was “who we are”. The central idea was that the choice of role models reflects the beliefs and values of individuals and society. The students were really creative! They expressed their recognition of role models by playing superheroes and filming them into videos. In the video, the children played as Batman and looked good; some dressed up as little fairies, cute and sly; others dressed as Captain America, upright. At the same time, they also confidently introduced their favorite superheroes with their own hand-drawn pictures. During the class, the students actively participated, and the brilliant smile was like a golden sun flower.

接着,我们来到三年级同学的社区。他们探究的主题是:Where we are。中心思想是:一个社区对重要事件的反应可以使人们了解该社区的历史和价值观。Y3的同学们通过精心绘制、粘贴一个个社区来表现社区给人们带来的影响。在制作过程中,孩子们专心致志、全神贯注。看到这些色彩缤纷的作品,我们不由得为孩子们的细心而竖起大拇指。

Next, we went to the community of Y3. The topic they explored was: Where we are. The central idea was that a community's response to important events can inform its history and values. The students showed the influence of the community on people by drawing and pasting communities carefully. In the process of making, the children devoted themselves to it. Seeing these colorful works, we can not help but raise our thumbs for the children's carefulness.

接下来,让我们欣赏四年级同学们探究的成果。他们探究的主题是:How we organize ourselves。中心思想:New digital media changes the way in which people accept information and connect to each other.。在又大又醒目的展板上,Y4的同学们各抒己见,对古往今来人们交流方式的改变有了一个深刻的认识,同时大家还通过辩论赛的方式探讨了互联网的利弊,并且亲手制作邮票,以书信的方式和远方的笔友进行了交流沟通。同学们收到笔友的回信,异常高兴,也进一步加深了对探究主题的理解。

Then, let’s see the works of Y4. Their theme was: How we organize ourselves. And the central idea was: New digital media changes the way in which people accept information and connect to each other. On the large and eye-catching exhibition board, the students expressed their opinions freely; they had a profound understanding of the changes in the way people communicate through the ages. At the same time, they also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet through the debate competition, made stamps by themselves, communicated with their pen Pal's in the distance by letter. The students were very happy to receive their pen Pal's reply, which further deepened their understanding of the topic of inquiry.


Y5的同学们探究主题是:How we organize ourselves。中心思想是:经济活动有赖于商品的生产、交流和消费等系统以及服务系统。五年级的同学们就经济活动展开了相关讨论。如经济活动的形式,钱币的发展史,各国钱币特点及文化差异,经济活动中生产者与消费者的相关权利、责任等,并进行了日常生活消费活动案例分析等,最后Y5的同学们举办了一场辩论赛,就“金钱是否万能的”进行辩论,现场氛围热烈。

The students of Y5 explored the topic of “How we organize ourselves”. The central idea was that economic activities depend on the production, exchange and consumption of goods and other systems and service systems. The students of Y5 had a discussion about economic activities. For example, the forms of economic activities, the development history of money, the characteristics and cultural differences of money in different countries, the rights and responsibilities of producers and consumers in economic activities., and they also did some case analysis about  expenses of daily life.


最后我们来到六年级,一起来看看他们探究的成果。他们的探究主题是:Who we are。中心思想是:People’s cultural background has an impact on their beliefs, values and actions。因为六年级的孩子分别来自中国、美国、法国、韩国、马来西亚,所以大家精心制作了有关各自国家文化的手抄报。在手抄报中,有的同学探究了中国传统节日的来历和价值以及唐宋元明清的诗歌,有的同学介绍了马来西亚民族文化,也有的同学介绍了法国埃菲尔铁塔……看到一幅幅精美的图画,一行行整齐秀美的字迹,我们也不由得被不同国家丰富的文化深深吸引住了。

Finally, we came to the Y6 to see the results of their research. Their topic of exploration was: Who are we. The central idea was: People's cultural background has an impact on their beliefs, values and actions. Because the children of Y6 are from China, the United States, France, South Korea, Malaysia, so they produced handwritten newspapers about their respective national cultures carefully. In the handwritten newspapers, some students explored the origin and value of Chinese traditional festivals and poems of Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. Some students introduced Malaysian national culture, while others introduced the Eiffel Tower in France. Saw these beautiful pictures and neat lines of handwriting, we can not help but be deeply attracted by the rich culture of different countries.



Through the study and exploration of the second round of PYP course, the students of Y1-Y6 have learned the knowledge of books and learned more about thinking and learning habits. At the same time, it also tests the cooperative spirit and practical ability of everyone. Everyone has experienced the joy of learning and inquiry.